Helping the Neighbourhood Grow

Yonge Street looking North at Edward street.

Environmental Assessment

In 2016, the City of Toronto launched an Environmental Assessment process to redesign Yonge Street of the future. The results of this study could mean expanded sidewalks, new public spaces, and even the full pedestrianization of Yonge Street.

Background Reports
for Yonge Street EA:

yongetomorrow: Municipal Class Environmental assessment on yonge street from queen to college/carlton street – interim update report

This report was considered and adopted at the Infrastructure and Environment Committee on October 17, 2019

Area Development

We work to advocate on behalf of the district with other developments in the area and provide members with support for their re-development projects.

Wonder what active development there is in the area? Check out our development map that outlines some of the development and construction projects.

Construction Projects

Learn more about the various construction projects happening in and around Downtown Yonge.


Capital Projects

Our Planning & Development team works in partnership with the City of Toronto to design and implement streetscape enhancements in the Downtown Yonge area.

Yonge love

Started in 2014, Yonge Love was a creative community consultation on the future of Downtown Yonge.


Area Beautification

We are actively implementing enhanced beautification of the neighborhood through holiday lights, banners, flowers, and other BIA-led beautification efforts that increase the enjoyment of the area, year-round.

Sidewalk Improvements

Downtown Yonge partnered with Toronto Hydro and the City of Toronto on a five-year Yonge Street Streetscape Project that saw the reconstruction…

Branded Street Poles

Over the years, 28 branded street poles have been installed at major intersections on Yonge Street within the BIA’s boundaries.


We have numerous planters around the neighborhood that are maintained by the BIA. The planters are filled with high-quality plant material.


The first Parklet on Elm Street was installed summer of 2014 by the Downtown Yonge BIA. The project has grown and evolved.

Tree Grates

As part of the Yonge Street Streetscape Project, new trees and black tree grates were installed on the sidewalks on Yonge Street.