on-street issues Reporting

Whose job is it?

If you see an issue while you are in the neighbourhood, please report it to the appropriate groups listed below. Examples of issues to report include sidewalk repairs, litter on street, broken light posts and more.

  • Broken traffic signals
  • Broken/ missing traffic signs
  • A-frame removal/ portable sign removal
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Leaking fire hydrant
  • Litter on street/sidewalk
  • Overflowing garbage bin
  • Bike post inquiries (this includes reporting damaged posts or abandoned bikes and requesting new posts)
  • Watermain breaks

Click here to report to 3-1-1

  • Damaged TTC bus shelters
  • Damaged garbade bins

To report issue, please email quality@astral.com

  • Broken/damaged mailbox

To report issue, please email gtastreetfurnituremaintenance@canadapost.postescanada.ca

  • Broken/damaged newspaper boxes

To report issue, please email streetfurniture@toronto.ca

  • DYBIA branded street lights are out
  • Pedestrian street lights are out
  • Grafitti
  • Street banner issues

To report issue, please fill out the form below or email bia@downtownyonge.com.

  • Hydro street lamps are out

Click here to report to Toronto Hydro

  • Broken parking meter

To report issue, please email greenpcs@toronto.ca

Downtown Yonge BIA Issues Report form

Please fill out this form if you are looking to report an issue to the Downtown Yonge BIA. Please include as much information as possible, including:

  • Location of issue
  • Date issue was first spotted
  • Description of the issue