Culture in downtown yonge

Designated a Cultural Corridor, Downtown Yonge has everything you could want in terms of entertainment and culture.  Whether you’re looking for theatre, art or music, Downtown Yonge has it – and more!

Friar’s Music Museum

The only bricks and mortar music museum in Toronto. This free and accessible museum pays homage to Toronto’s rich music history by collaborating with local musicians, students and other local artists.  In 2020, we were a top three short listed nominee for the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, Soft Power Destinations of the Year Category, for the Best Soft Power Cultural Activation award worldwide.  Located on the 2nd floor in the Yonge-Dundas Square Shoppers Drug Mart.


DYBIA is proud to add to the cultural preservation of the neighbourhood through public art; especially murals. 

 DYBIA has been pleased to work with talented local mural artists to pay homage to the past cultural of the neighbourhood. The two 22-storey music murals, and the recently completed history of theatre mural in collaboration with the Chelsea, Hotel, Toronto, are one of a kind pieces that really make the DYBIA unique, and cultural hot spots.

Mural of musicians painted on a building

Neon Preservation

DYBIA has taken the initiative to preserve the world of Toronto’s neon signage.  During Toronto’s Neon ‘Hay days’, downtown was a mecca for the bright lights and crackling sound.  Guiding your way between restaurants, music venues and everything in between, neon signs were a sight to be seen.  Preservation of this signage is key to keeping the history of the city alive.

DYBIA has been collaborating for the past 5 years with likeminded partners in developing a unique way to preserve them.


Art tour

Need a reason to get out of the house in this cold weather? Take our Public Art walking tour.  No need to download an app, just click on the button below and you’re there! (Don’t feel like going out in the cold? No problem, you can also follow along from the comfort of your couch!)


Music strategy

Music in Downtown Yonge

Not only is Downtown Yonge’s legacy that of Toronto’s music hub, but it’s also one of the largest and most diverse live music destinations in the city today.

Our commitment to the music heritage of Downtown Yonge extends as far back as 2015, when we first launched our music strategy. 


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