Downtown Yonge BIA, with the support from the Government of Canada and the City of Toronto, brings you Illuminite, a month long interactive light festival in the heart of the Downtown Yonge neighbourhood.

The installations can be enjoyed for free from March 1-31 daily until midnight. 

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Artist: Spectrum by Mirari, co-production of Quays Culture and Quartier des spectacles Partnership. Distribution by QDSinternational
Location: Trinity Square Park


Look, I’m talking to you!  

A listening experience, in which you are invited to engage with others in a sound-and-light dialogue. Take some time to listen, in order to see. 

This interactive installation sheds light on the phenomenon of communication, by displaying the path taken by the waves generated by voices and other sounds. Here, the fundamental means of interpersonal communication, speech, is disconnected from language. Instead, it becomes a cascade of waves and luminous pulses, illustrating the fascinating trajectories of sound. Watch as your message moves from one end of the circles to the other. You will see how small gestures – invisible reverberations – can have a big impact.  


Artist: Sam Hardwicke-Brown
Location: Trinity Square Park


This installation is a response to episodes of negative mental health that we all face throughout our lives. Through the semiotics of structure, and the use of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light technology, the intention of the installation is to provide support to those within the structure. This noctilucent installation aims to provide temporary comfort to those in need. In the bleakest of darkness, one will find support in the light.

This project acts as a Seasonal Affective Meditation space, and temporary safe haven for those in need.

digital drapes

Artist: MattCreative
Location: HNR Properties 19-21 Dundas Square


Digital Drapes is the crossover between light, motion, and architecture, where all of the windows of a building are covered in grids of programmable LEDs. Dynamic visualizations are created that work together with the unique geometry of the building to activate the entire space, turning the entire building into an interactive canvas.


You were here

Artist: Meghan Cheng
Location: Yonge Street


You Were Here is an interactive light installation that uses motion tracking of people walking by to animate the lighted butterflies.

The installation alludes to the beauty found in loving something that is lost and aims to acknowledge a person’s presence, however brief it may be.

The installation is made of hundreds of individually lit butterflies.  Each butterfly was 3D printed and individually shaped to create a unique creature.  The hundreds of LED lights are controlled using the program, TouchDesigner.



Artist: Ariel Weiss
Location: Trinity Square Park


Ethera is an interactive and LED based public art installation designed by students from the Department of Architectural Science at Toronto Metropolitan university along with Toronto based lighting design studio Urban Visuals and StrongLED as an industry partner for the Media Architecture Biennale. Through its polycarbonate and recycled glass filled skin and its LED based lighting system the installation plays with lighting in both natural and artificial conditions. The animated Ethera pavilion creates an immersive experience that invites visitors to dis-engage with the city around them and encourages a childlike playfulness.



Artist: Radha Chaddah x RAW Design
Location: Yonge Dundas Square


Biolumen is by Toronto-based visual artist and scientist Radha Chaddah and architectural firm RAW Design.

Biolumen by Radha Chaddah x RAW Design is an immersive experience with changing light,
texture, and sound. The art installation features ten large luminescent structures where art, science, and nature merge. Inspired by deep-sea Radiolaria, “Biolumen” represents resilience and beauty in harsh environments


This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)