Animate: Laneway Events

Livening up 1.3km of underutilized space, our laneways! 

·        Part of the Downtown Yonge BIA’s ongoing commitment to improving the daily experience of our members, residents and customers is the maintenance and revitalization of generally overlooked areas in the community - laneways. After the recent re-pavement of some of the laneways, we brought in ANIMATE, a series of pop-up events in the laneways aims to enliven these underutilized spaces and encourage people to see them in a different way. ANIMATE transforms laneways into performance and exhibition spaces that will bring people together and create a shared common experience

·        2019 was a huge year for Animate as the BIA hosted two successful back to back activations in July and August at Victoria Laneways South and North, to positive reviews.

·        Stay in the know with updates on future ANIMATE and all DYBIA events by following us on social media or regularly check back this page.

Click here for see photos from 2019's Animate event!

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