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Music Mondays - Michael Arnowitt’s ImproVisions Jazz Quartet

12:15PM — 1:00PM

Monday August 19

Church of the Holy Trinity Website

Michael Arnowitt is one of the most creative and imaginative musicians of today. He recently moved from Vermont, USA and currently makes Toronto his home. His life and music was the subject of a documentary film, Beyond 88 Keys (2004), filmed in both the United States and Europe, containing footage of concert performances, educational talks, and interviews. Michael Arnowitt’s ImproVisions Jazz Quartet will present a colourful program including his imaginative jazz arrangements of songs from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, creative versions of classics such as Autumn Leaves and Green Dolphin Street, jazz influenced by Bulgarian and Syrian music, and Pirouette and other selections from his recent CD of original jazz compositions, Sweet Spontaneous.

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