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CLASSES FOR CONFIDENCE: Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community

10:00AM — 7:00PM

Sunday June 9

Sephora Canada - The Eaton Centre Website

Looking and feeling your best helps you live more confidently. For that reason, Sephora developed Classes for Confidence to help inspire fearlessness in those facing major life transitions. 

Classes for Confidence include three main categories, BOLD for the transgender community, Workforce for women in transitioning life moments, and BRAVE for clients facing cancer and chemo. With a BOLD mission to Teach, Inspire and Play, Sephora Canada is introducing “Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community,” a 90-minute complimentary in-store offering for clients who identify as transgender or non-binary. 

The class will provide tips to help clients feel beautiful and confident as they face new life experiences. BOLD will teach clients going through major life transitions how to: - Colour correct their - Create a flawless foundation finish - Colour match foundation - Take cake of different skin types - Create unique makeup looks that help them express themselves BOLD Beauty classes are launching across Canada throughout the first week of June and will take place inside select Sephora locations. 

Classes and will provide a safe, inclusive space where clients can explore products and discover their own definition of beauty.

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